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St. Thomas Adventure

In partnership with the Elgin County Museum with funding from the Estate of Donna Vera Evans Bushell, EXAR Studios will bring the vital stories of St. Thomas to the residents in a way that is accessible and entertaining for the whole family.

The beautiful, dynamic AR makes the perfect activity for summer break and beyond. Armed with only their smartphone, users can uncover five different hidden AR attractions in St. Thomas that explore local culture and history.

Stay tuned for the launch of part two! 


The Magical Garden

Near the spectacular, colourful mural on the side of the St. Thomas Public library, users can tend a virtual garden as an extension of the artwork in front of them.

St. Thomas Remembers

At the Veteran’s Memorial, amid a field of AR poppies, users can learn more about the local men and women who served in WWI and WWII by selecting their image to hear their letters read aloud.



To the west of the Joe Thornton Community Centre and Arena, users can celebrate our country’s national sport by playing an AR hockey minigame.

Willowsheen Worlds

Bringing the awe-inspiring Willowsheen mural to life in the alleyway just past the intersection of Moore and Talbot streets, users are able to walk through a portal and interact with a ball of energy to activate an extension of the mural.


Trains of the Railway City

By the train tracks in front of the Railway City Tourism train station on Talbot Street, users can get up close and personal with a life-sized steam locomotive in AR. Modelled after a train on display at the Elgin County Railway Museum, users learn about St. Thomas’ rail history, as well as the future of rail transportation.

Old East Village 

A series of AR attractions to help raise awareness about local art, culture and businesses in London’s Old East Village (OEV) released as part of the Digital Main Street Lab program. These attractions are supported by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario) as well as the Government of Ontario.

Attractions are created in partnership with the OEV BIA and Banting House National Historic Site with help from Tech Alliance. 


The Many Sides to Sir Frederick Banting 

You know Dr. Banting for his discovery of insulin, which changed his life and the lives of millions of people around the world. Now, experience the Dr. Banting you don't know: painter, military veteran, and more. 


The Most Local Time of The yeAR

Released in partnership with TechAlliance of Southwestern Ontario and four BIA's, the Holiday Village experience drove foot traffic to main streets and local shops this holiday season. Households from Bayfield, St. Thomas, London, and Strathroy were able to experience the magic of the holidays through interactive Diwali, Chanukah, and Christmas-themed AR experiences.

Stay tuned for our exciting minigame Snowball Fight! to be released in February. The attraction will run the duration of the winter season! 


Holiday Village AR

Delight in the beauty of the holidays in this inclusive village. Your job is to turn the lights back on to bring the spirit of the holidays back to this winter wonderland. An experience everyone can enjoy! 

Snowball Fight!

Our most difficult mini game yet! Defend your snow fort from the bouncing snow monster while you launch snowballs to defeat him. 


Digitize Dundas

In partnership with Tourism London, Museum London, Dundas Place, Downtown London, and many more organizations, we sought to activate major sections of Dundas Place in downtown London.

Experience the past, present and future of Dundas Place in this vibrant exploration of music, art and history!


Octopus Garden AR

Enter an amazing undersea world and experience the story behind the Octopus’ Garden 2 mural. The larger-than-life recreation of Stephen Watson's original painting comes to life, and expands into a vibrant undersea world for you to experience. With music by the Pairs, narrated by Hillary Watson.


Steamboat AR

The Victoria steamboat disaster (also called The Victoria Day Disaster) was a Canadian maritime disaster where on May 24, 1881, the sternwheel passenger steamboat SS Victoria, capsized and sank in the Thames River near what is today Greenway Off-Leash Dog Park in Kensal Park, London, Ontario. The tragedy was one of the worst maritime disasters in Canada at the time, and remains the greatest disaster in London's history.

Experience the retelling of this story in a completely cinematic style told over the Thames River.


Ghost Stories of The Courthouse

London's first government building was the courthouse, where criminals were hanged for their crimes from 1830 to 1951. Relive three of these spine-chilling stories as told by an undead tour guide. One of the app's most immersive experiences, you'll find yourself lost in the wild stories of these sentenced London criminals, just make sure to make your way out when you're finished, lest you be lost forever!

Bonus experience: Try out our Catching Candies mini game, so much fun and see how well you can score against the skeletons as you catch their flaming candies!


Don't Feed The Rhinos

by James Kirkpatrick

In collaboration with mixed media artist James Kirkpatrick, we created a fantastical world straight from James' mind. Inspired by the rhino sculpture at Museum London, we fused nature, James' geometric visual art and music to create a unique micro world like no other. Experience this unique artistic attraction only found inside Engage ARt.

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