Explore Market Lane in a whole new way with augmented reality!

Launched July 20th, 2021

Experience the Forest City Playground Game, can you complete all the missions?

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How to use Engage ARt:

1 - Download the Engage ARt app to your phone
2 - Open the app and download the Forest City Playground adventure pack! 
3 - Travel to a location on the map to start the attraction- make sure to bring headphones to get the full experience! 
4 - Share your adventure experiences on social media with the hashtag #ForestCityPlayground
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In partnership with Tourism London and Downtown London:

EXAR Studios, inspired by three talented mural artists, brings you the Forest City Playground. 

Take your family on a dazzling adventure through a virtual forest.

Become an ornithologist extraordinaire and unlock the final mission to win the game!

Explore and experience the magic of the Forest City.

The Story Behind the Forest City Playground

London is one of the largest urban areas within the distinctive Carolinian Forest region of southwestern Ontario. While London is regularly referred to as the ‘Forest City’, the connection between the urban core of the community and the surrounding natural environment does not always feel tangible. The potential is there to emphasize this connection if we blend traditional and contemporary media, events, arts, culture and recreation, and make the whole process a lot of fun! With this in mind, we have developed the theme of a Forest City Playground. The murals in Market Lane emphasize the Carolinian Forest zone and invite viewers to consider the role of human beings in shaping the culture of our cities within the wider ecosystem. Tourism London
Created by three women, The Forest City Playground is a three-part mural. It’s a moving expression, drawing inspiration from the Carolinian forests of southwestern Ontario while pulling in elements of personal strength and resilience. The Downtown London Business Improvement Association curated the wall. They hand-picked the three female artists for the production: Meaghan Claire Kehoe, Stephanie Boutari and Hawlii Pichette. Each brought their own vision and personal background to the project and it shows in the details. 

Downtown London chose the theme of the Carolinian forest to link the three pieces lining Market Lane. The works all needed to have elements that would integrate with the new augmented reality Engage app being created specifically to support hidden adventures in London, ON. London Fuse
The murals in Market Lane will provide a perfect opportunity to bring environments together and provoke thought. For example, what if visitors could go ‘birding’ in downtown London by watching birds in the murals come to life in augmented reality and fly off the walls? This will be a magical experience for people of all ages, particularly children, and highlight the vision of a ‘Forest City Playground’ downtown. Subtly, guests will be encouraged to think about the connection between human activity and the environment. Young and Free press

Attractions Guide:

How to Play: 

Once you've arrived at the beautiful murals you'll be plunged into the Forest City Playground, a place where you can find unique trees and birds inspired by the artwork and natural environment around you. 

You'll be tasked with 5 missions. Complete them all while exploring the trees and various bird types, each inspired by the beautiful murals in front of you. 

You'll learn to capture key shots just like an expert bird watcher.

See you on Market Lane!

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