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A Smart Green city challenge for Western students to imagine beautiful new ways to experience knowledge about the environment and their city.

Western Students are invited to imagine ways that reputable data from the world can convey an important message about our environment in an engaging new way. Teams have a chance to win $1000 cash for the best idea, as well as the chance to exhibit their creation on the Western’s campus with the Engage ARt app. 

Western University’s Faculty of Science and the Center for Environment and Sustainability are teaming up with EXAR Studios to make the competition possible. 

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Get Engaged for A Greener City

The world faces a looming climate crisis.

New ways to raise awareness and galvanize action, as well as make cities smarter and more efficient, are a key part of the puzzle.

Youth are the future leaders who have inherited the climate crisis that they are critical in solving. 

By challenging Western students to think of climate through the lens of arts, culture, science and technology, we hope to inspire critical thinking about the interconnectedness of the planet and our roles as stewards of its future - while creating inspirational experiences to be shared with others. 

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Engage ARt

Whether it’s connecting with local stories, shops, the environment, arts, culture, events or heritage - Engage ARt provides a portal to the past, present and future of your city.  

Explore local in augmented reality, with guidance from the app taking you on an adventure to discover the untold stories of the city you’re in. Engage becomes a portal to new worlds in the immersive and fun world of AR.

Western University in partnership with EXAR Studios

EXAR Studios is a technology company interested in the future of cities, neighborhoods, and the ways in which we can more deeply connect and grow together as a community - while having fun exploring.

Together with the Center for Environment and Sustainability, the Faculty of Science, and the EXAR team, Western students get a chance to express art as both entertainment and education through digital AR stories.

Western and EXAR are working together to foster multidisciplinary innovation, experiential learning, and community collaboration for a better future.

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